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Slayground: The Choreographers Extravaganza is the only event in the Bay Area that focuses on providing for our leading and up-and-coming Bay Area choreographers, dance crews, dance companies, and dancers.  By sponsoring this event you are helping to rebuild our local performing arts industry and contributing to the livelihood of these artists. How will sponsoring impact the Performing Arts community: 

  • Creating more work paid work opportunities artists & performers

  • Providing financial support to dancers and artist for spaces to rehearse. 

  • Giving performing artist the opportunity to elevate their professional resume.​

  • Creating employment opportunity in the Performing Arts Industry such as front of house staffing, lighting design, and audio design, and more. 

  • Investing into local venue spaces. 

  • Impacting economical growth for local business .

  • Supporting LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and Local events and spaces.

To find out more information about how to become a sponsor and all the benefits of becoming a sponsor, please fill out the contact form below.


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