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Empowering the rhythmic essence of expression, our mission is to celebrate, inspire and elevate the dance community in the heart of the Bay Area, where innovation meets tradition.Through conceptualized performances, immersive experiences, and inclusive community engagement, we aspire to inspire creativity, elevate standards, and catalyze positive change within the vibrant tapestry of the performing arts landscape.


The Dance culture and community is a vital component in the DNA of the Bay Area, and what make The Bay Area so extraordinary. The San Francisco Bay Area has a deep and rich dance history dating back to the 1930 with the opening of the San Francisco’s Ballet, which is the third oldest ballet company in the world. In the 70's & 80's Black and Brown communities were pioneering dance moves in the hip-hop dance community with Roboting, Strutting, Boogaloo and Funk. Today, The BayArea Hyphy Movement has swept the globe.  The Bay Area dance community has been an influence in dance culture and continue to pave the way. Over the years, with the invasion of the Tech Industry and COVID the performing arts industry has taken a deep dive hurting artist and pushing them out further and further, seeking work elsewhere. Slayground: The Choreographers Extravaganza is here to change the game.    

The vision and future of Slayground: The Choreographers Extravaganza is to present local choreographers, dance crews, dance companies, and dancers more professional opportunities to showcase their creativity, hard work, and passion while pushing the boundaries of their creativity, storytelling, and art. More importantly, our goal is to invest in, and rebuild the Performing Arts industry in the Bay Area. 


My name is JJ "The Killah" and I am a Bay Area native dancer, choreographer, teacher, drag performer, and producer.  I am excited to share with you a  very special project near and dear  to my heart, Slayground: The Choreographers Extravaganza. Thank you for supporting local talent and giving bck to our dance community.

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